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New Hampshire Hydraulics operates a fleet of 17 various vehicles including: pickup trucks, a flat-bed pickup, a large flat-bed with knuckleboom crane (10,000 LB Haul Capacity), an extension trailer (for long cylinders up to 35 feet) and a Heavy Duty Trailer (5,000 LB Haul Capacity). Call us to arrange free pick up of your hydraulic components. When the repair process is complete we will deliver the item back to you at no additional charge.

Free Estimates

New Hampshire Hydraulics steam cleans and then carefully disassembles all components sent to us for repair. Each component is closely inspected by an experienced technician for damage and wear to any of the critical surface areas including seal areas, bearings, bushings, welds, chrome rods, cylinder barrels, internal parts, valves and sensors. We also look at each component for failure analysis and may suggest upgrades and improvements. We then prepare a detailed quote to repair the item and inform the customer of their options. If for any reason the quote is not approved the component is returned to the customer at no charge*.
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3 Columbia Circle Merrimack, NH 03054
CAGE #9J930 | DUNS #092056480
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